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Message from Lee Valley Tools

Celebrate Canadian Heritage

Whether made for canoes, kayaks, dragon boats, paddleboards, rafts or just to hang on a wall, paddles are a true Canadian icon. Historically, paddles were essential to both Indigenous peoples and European settlers for exploring Canada’s vast waterways.

We have teamed up with the International Sustainability Education Foundation (ISEF) for Canada’s 150th birthday to bring paddle carving to as many Canadians as possible. When you buy a paddle carving ticket from Lee Valley, 25% of the net proceeds will go to the ISEF. They will use the proceeds to bring paddle carving seminars to places that do not have access to Lee Valley stores, such as Indigenous peoples and rural communities, as well as to help organize paddle festivals in the cities of Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto and Halifax.

Not only will you go home with an amazing paddle that you carved yourself, but you will help to keep the tradition of working with tools and wood alive in Canada.

Lee Valley Tools workshop schedule:

Click this link to get to the web page which shows all workshops available at Lee Valley store across Canada – http://www.leevalley.com/en/home/Seminars.aspx